How are trailer light connectors wired?

Pinto Trailers use the New Zealand standard 7 pin plug for our wiring. Most of our trailers will use only 5, of the 7 pins. You will see in the diagram, the wiring for the plugs on a standard Pinto trailer. 

 7 pin wiring for trailers

Yellow: Left indicator light

Red: Brake light

White: Earth

Grey: Tail light

Green: Right Indicator light

It is very important to keep the lead and pins off the ground to avoid crushing the cable and/or the pins. Clean and check your pins and cable regularly for any sign of damage, as you should replace it immediately if there are any wires showing or broken, bent pins.

Handy tip: often the pins squash together causing a failure. If this happens, using a thin scraper or blade, gently slot into the pin to separate the two pieces. 

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