Why Choose a Pinto Trailer?

Considering purchasing a new trailer?

Firstly and most importantly - make sure the trailer you are looking at purchasing is actually MADE IN NEW ZEALAND!  A lot of trailers for sale are actually imported and unless you ask - you will not be told that they are imported. Many retailers claim their trailers to be 'made in New Zealand from imported parts' - this does not mean 'manufactured in NZ' - it generally means - assembled in NZ from an imported kit set.  Beware of - 'made for NZ conditions' or 'assembled in NZ' AND don't be fooled by '100% NZ Owned and Operated' - this does not mean the trailer is NZ made.

Pinto Trailers are members of 'Buy NZ Made' and only registered members can display the Buy NZ Made logo.  Pinto Trailers are 100% NZ Owned and Operated and have been since 1979.

Buy a New Zealand made trailer and have comfort in knowing your trailer will last the distance.  You may think you are saving a couple of hundred dollars now, but in the long run you will probably find you will be replacing it within a couple of years. 

Have a look at any other brand and then compare a Pinto trailer. You will soon discover that not all trailers are created equal. Don’t be fooled by the glossy exterior – it’s what’s underneath the coating that really counts. Pinto trailers have maximum strength RHS (rolled hollow section) steel chassis and cross-members, heavy duty axles and suspension (all sourced locally with parts and back-up nationwide), quality hubs, couplings and mudguards you can stand on and full strength drawbars. Corner sockets on our whole range of trailers allow for the addition of our extensive range of racking systems to carry motorbikes, kayaks and dinghies as well as our range of rubbish and stock crates (now or in the future). All Pinto trailers are professionally welded and assembled by qualified tradesmen in New Zealand.

If a trailer has the name Pinto on it, you can be assured it has been made to last.