Towing with a campervan or motorhome

Exploring New Zealand’s idyllic scenery is something we all value when we get a chance. Whether it’s a weekend away up the mountain, an extended kiwi break at the beach or a tour from Bluff to Kaitaia, motorhomes offer an exciting way to see the country. Packing up your friends or family, or travelling solo, it’s a great option to be able to tow your boat, car or trailer for extra options at your destination. 

There are a few important things to remember when towing with your motorhome. Firstly you need to know your towing capacity, this can be found on your towbar or in your manufacturer specifications, and this will determine the GVM of your trailer and must be considered especially for larger loads like boats. Secondly, motorhomes can often be longer and wider than your standard motor vehicle, consider your mirrors and cameras that will allow you to see your load and help you safely manoeuvre your trailer. As with all trailers, when towing you need to make wider turns and your braking distance increases when stopping. Consider planning your trip carefully and practising shorter trips and reversing your trailer before you leave. This will increase your confidence and help you understand how your motorhome and trailer move together on the road. 

Here at Pinto we offer some great options for trailers that are suitable for your getaways, we are happy to discuss your needs and customise the build as needed.  

Pinto luggage trailers are a popular option for people looking for extra space for their outdoor gear, wet items and sports equipment when they’re out on the road. Luggage trailers have lots of room for everything from your chilly bin and BBQ, to your stinky fishing equipment. Roof racks are fitted so there is no need to worry about missing out on your favourite water sports like SUP boarding and kayaking and we can add a bike mount so you don’t miss your next trail ride either. 

The Pinto Camping Kingsider package is another popular option for heading out in the great outdoors. Fitted with a bike rack mount, H frames for kayaks, stand up paddle boards, surf boards or other toys. The deep sides and cover mean you can carry all the gear and the chilly bin safely, secure and protected from the elements.

Make the most of your time away, plan ahead and stay safe.



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