Servicing and trailer maintenance

We have been NZ owned and operated since 1979 and have the expertise and parts to keep your Pinto trailer going strong.  When well maintained and serviced regularly, Pinto trailers have a proven longevity and as recently as this year, we have had a 40 year old trailer that we were able to supply and fit parts for.


Regular Servicing

Here at Pinto we offer full servicing on all Pinto Trailers, whether your Pinto is a year old, or 40, we are able to help you keep your trailer in tip top shape. Regular maintenance ensures it is kept safe and roadworthy so you can always be confident when carrying your load. 

Common services we help our customers with include:

  • New decking
  • Light connectors
  • Light replacement
  • Brake pads & Fluid
  • Greasing couplings
  • Bearings
  • Tires


Accidents and repair

If your trailer has been in an accident or damaged in a natural disaster, we can complete assessments and insurance quotes for you.

  • Insurance quotes (fix or replacement)
  • Structural assessments
  • Panel beating
  • Axle replacement
  • Rewiring 


Common WOF failures

We are able to provide parts and do work on common WOF failures if your local garage is unable to, common things we see are: 

  • Coupling wear
  • Lights not working (old, damaged, UV, brittle, bulb)
  • Tire perishing
  • Bushes
  • Rusty springs
  • Bearing adjustment or replacement


Good habits 

Your trailer is an asset and we see many 30year+ Pintos still going strong. We build them tough from locally sourced materials and we recommend maintaining good habits with your trailer to keep it in good nick for many years to come. 

  • Keep your wiring and wiring plug off the ground to prevent crushing and wearing
  • Check your tyre pressure regularly for safety also checking the spare wheel
  • Keep an eye on your deck for knicks and seal as needed
  • Consider a sheltered spot or a cover to keep it clean and prevent long term weather damage
  • Check condition and suitability of the safety chain (grazing, connected with a bolt and not a shackle, 2 chains for 2000kg-2500kg Gross Vehicle Mass GVM)
  • Grease coupling
  • Check brake fluid, change if water is present
  • Ensure dust caps are there


We know that expertise and quality NZ products are important to our customers, so whether you need advice, servicing or major repair, we are able to help you. Call or email the team today

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