How to check your trailer lights

We recommend you check your lights each time you connect your trailer, this is both for safety on the road and making sure you have no electrical faults that could cause extra damage to your car or trailer.

Go through this sequence each time you connect your trailer:

-Indicators Left/Right

-Brake pedal lights

-Turn car lights on and off



On no, there's a problem, what do I do?

Your car lights work, your trailer lights do not work:

- This suggests a problem with the whole connection. Try reconnecting your cable, if this does not work, check the pins and plug for signs of dirt, rust or damage and check the cable for signs of damage eg crushed, tears, loose wires. At Pinto we have equipment to test your electrics on your trailer, if may be the trailer or it may be your plug. Replacing your light pins and cable is a reasonably easy job, at Pinto we have the parts and experience to complete a check and repair or replacement, as can most local mechanics. 

Your car lights work, 1 or 2 of your trailer lights do not work:

- This suggests a problem with the pins or internal wiring. If there's no obvious damage with the pins eg bent, you will need to have your light cable checked and possibly replaced, Pinto or any local mechanic can diagnose and complete this work for you.

Your car lights and trailer lights do not work:

- This suggests a problem with your car, you will need to see a mechanic straight away to get this fixed.