Trailer Accessories and Customisations

There is a wide variety of trailer accessories available to personalise and enhance your Pinto trailer. When ordering your trailer, make sure you think about the purpose you are buying it for and different needs for your trailer as many customisations and accessories need to be added or planned for when building your trailer. Whether it's H Frames for kayaks or timber or an extendable draw bar, talk to us about your needs and we can help you find or design the best trailer to best suit your needs. 

Accessories and modifications added at manufacturing stage:

  • Recessed tie down anchors
  • Bike rail and tow ball - there are options to do this after
  • Fold down sides (flat deck)
  • Chained tailgate
  • Extendable draw bar
  • Tilt draw bar
  • GVM upgrade

 Accessories with design considerations

While you may not wish to add these immediately, if you plan on adding them, make sure your manufacturer knows so that the trailer is built ready for these future additions

  • H frames
  • Motor bike rack ( 2 or 3 bike )
  • Rubbish cages
  • Stock crates
  • Opti racking

 Accessories to add at anytime

  • Spare rim & tyre
  • Jockey wheel
  • Alloy wheels
  • Cover and coverbars for you trailer or cage
  • Multi fit coupling

We know choosing your next trailer is important to you and requires thought and consideration. It is a big investment to make and future proofing your trailer through careful consideration of the accessories you will need for future purposes will make sure that your trailer lasts the test of time.  

Pinto’s trailers are manufactured here in New Zealand and come with a 10 year warranty. Pinto uses quality New Zealand made trailer parts and New Zealand steel, they are built to last. Make sure all your present and future hobbies and jobs are accounted for when planning your next trailer with us.

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